In our wide range of transport services is included online booking and not only, it comes in three options, reservation for ferries, flights and buses with the most competitive prices accompanied with quality, safety and comfort. What makes us even better is your trust. So do not hesitate to visit us in our stores in Albania and abroad.

Bus Travels

From our beginnings we have developed the network of travel by operating a considerable number of buses and not only, what really counts is the fact that all buses are checked and certified according to EU standards. We come closer to you by fulfilling with precision your demands and desires.
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At the end of the day, our purpose is clear, protection and safety.


Feel more comfortable by offering yourself the comfort of a trip with AlbTrans.

Travel Tickets

The expertise and determination of providing consistently the highest level of service brings above all the potential of a best choice at a reasonable cost. This potential choice is only available at AlbTrans, so hurry to book your travel ticket according to your wishes and requirements.
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Travel Tours

Tourist with AlbTrans!
Travel with Albtrans and explore more exotic places, just pick the date, we bring you the alternatives. Trips are accompanied by guides, comfort buses and the presence of a staff totally in your service.

Around the Europe with Albtrans!